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New Drummer News

For personal reasons Tim Hagberg is no longer able to participate on the Midi Ghetto Tour; however in his place we are happy to welcome Galen Waling (Stiff Valentine) as Left Spine Down’s new drummer. “We’ve been working the past few weeks with Galen for a couple of upcoming shows in June, but with these unforseen events upon us, and with Galen’s admirable efforts and talent, we’re very stoked to have him aboard”, says singer kAINE D3L4Y. He adds: “We wish Tim nothing but the best at this time; Please show Galen the love and support you’ve shown for all of us thus far, as he’s proven to be THE right man for the job.”

Galen will make his debut with Left Spine Down on the tour’s kickoff date at the Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver, Friday April 30 2010.