t f u m R y C r

LSD: A year in review

2 Remix albums
2 New songs
2 New videos
Broken bones
Broken promises
Skull fractures
Wrecked guitars
Wrecked band members
(Ex band members)
Falling keyboards
Failing keyboard stands
Tour managers yanking boys out of the girls room
Hundreds of gallons of liquor consumed
Hundreds of cigarettes extinguished
Thousands of dollars worth of damage to our van
Tens of Thousands of miles traversed in our van
1 bottle of human urine thrown from our van
1 soccer mom scared off the freeway
1 hotel room destroyed
1 promoter’s home destroyed
Guitar amps falling apart
Guitar players falling off the stage
Hundreds of darts thrown
Half as many soup cans smashed,
55 raccoon traps laid.
Slipping on the ice in Ontario
Walking on thin ice in Chicago
The sun is better in San Antonio
Than the drunken rain in El Paso.
Forgot my knuts in London
But we got a guitar back from Montreal
And after a crazy fucking year like this
My doctor wants to check on my liver.

Every cliché rock n roll story you hear
Is so fucking true its not even funny.
We look forward to 2010.
May this year be crazier than the last.