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LeftSpineDown.com is live! Mass Dissemination Contest Launched!

LeftSpineDown.com is now LIVE! Check it out and hype it up! Now the contest is easy…. All you need to be is CREATIVE and get “LeftSpineDown.com” out there to the masses! Just record what you do. You can hit up forums and craigslist/myspace/facebook telling people to check out the site….email us some screenshots. You can spray paint the words on your body and run around the city half naked……email us some photos. You can shave the URL into your head….send photos. You can deck out in all your LSD gear and run around downtown with a ghettoblaster in your hand converting the masses. Get the drift? Just be creative and have fun and try not to get arrested! (if you do get arrested you can provide photos and court documents and that will count in the contest….and you will probably be a winner) The top 3 most creative entries will win a “LSD Deluxe Prize Package” featuring a signed copy of the European DOUBLE Album release “Fighting for Voltage: Deluxe Edition”, a LSD t-shirt plus some LSD stickers, pins and pens. ALSO if you want to get on the LSD top friend list……..it’s SIMPLE. Just post up a photo of yourself wearing some LSD gear or holding a CD or artwork you created and make it your default photo on myspace….also make LSD one of your top friends….Then send a message to our account and we will add you in to our top list! To email the band hit up info@leftspinedown.com LSD hq