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Left Spine Down CAUTION: Document Edition – Pre Order Bonus!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have 24 days (as of July 29) before CAUTION hits the streets and/or your mailbox! Make sure you get your pre-orders in now as the first 50 via Metropolis Mail Order will receive the CAUTION: Document Edition with the CD!

The limited hand made run of CAUTION: Document Edition features a ‘police detective style file evidence kit’ taking you further into CAUTION along with the standard CD.

Pre-Order CAUTION here:

Also: Remember to check out the 7 clips we have thus far on Soundcloud!
X-Ray, The Truth is a Lie, On the Other Side, Overdriven, Hit and Run, Troubleshoot, and Nothing to Fear are available for preview here: www.soundcloud.com/leftspinedown

Order CAUTION now!!!