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LSD Wallpapers for PC/iPhone + Pin-up Spread!

Uncle Gasman iPhone

We have added up a bunch of LSD wallpapers for use on your PC or iPhone to our Flickr account. and to get your hormones fired up check out this really cool LSD pin-up spread at Back Stage Betties.

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Kaine talks LSD with VampireFreaks!


Rafi Shlosman from VampireFeaks had a great chat with Kaine about all things Left Spine Down. Head over to VF to read the interview!

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LeftSpineDown.com is live! Mass Dissemination Contest Launched!

LeftSpineDown.com is now LIVE! Check it out and hype it up! Now the contest is easy…. All you need to be is CREATIVE and get “LeftSpineDown.com” out there to the masses! Just record what you do. You can hit up forums and craigslist/myspace/facebook telling people to check out the site….email us some screenshots. You can […]

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Jeremy Inkel talks LSD and FLA with Dark Essence Radio

Jeremy Inkel talks LSD and FLA with Dark Essence Radio Jeremy talks LSD and spills the beans on the new Front Line Assembly record with Josh Guinan from Dark Essence Radio! Download the radio interview here >>

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LSD: A year in review

2 Remix albums 2 New songs 2 New videos Broken bones Broken promises Skull fractures Wrecked guitars Wrecked band members (Ex band members) Falling keyboards Failing keyboard stands Tour managers yanking boys out of the girls room Hundreds of gallons of liquor consumed Hundreds of cigarettes extinguished Thousands of dollars worth of damage to our […]

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Spring 2010 North American Tour Details + New Interviews with the band!

We are very happy to announce that Left Spine Down will be taking part in the MIDI GHETTO TOUR featuring 16Volt and Chemlab! Check out our tour page for more details! Also a couple of recent interviews with the band to check out. First off Jeremy and Kaine talk to SPHERE Magazine and secondly a […]

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